NASA’s InSight Mars lander sent its first postcard home

NASA’s InSight just landed on Mars and it has already sent a letter home. Like proud parents eager to share their kid’s achievements at space camp, NASA posted a photo on social media for all the grandparents and cousins and space enthusiasts to see. And, indeed, the little rover has safely landed on the red planet, and is definitely both making friends and on track to win the #1 Mars Camper Award.

NASA’s JPL sent out a press release revealing that InSight sent a letter, too, in the form of signals to Earth; The craft announced that–like any hale and hearty summer camper–it was catching some rays and recharging its batteries. Specifically, its solar panels are open and collecting sunlight on the Martian surface and it will be able to recharge its batteries. That message was relayed to NASA’s Mars Odyssey orbiter, which passed it along to an eager audience back on Earth.


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